Established in 2002 as a democratic, not-for-profit organisation, the STF has been supported by leading stakeholder bodies, including the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom and the Outdoor Education Advisors Panel (OEAP), from the outset.

Today the STF is proud to manage both member and non-member applications for the awarding of the LOtC Quality Badge. Our standards are the benchmark for all companies operating in the educational travel sector and the requirements of the Quality Badge form part of our Code of Practice and Safety Management Standards.

We take our role seriously. In addition to supporting leading companies in the sector, we provide help, advice and support for teachers by offering free guidance papers, up to date research, news and views on new areas to visit.


Schools, teachers, parents, industry stakeholders and all STF Assured Members are united by a common interest - that is to ensure that pupils experience the most rewarding LOtC opportunities possible. The STF is here to make that happen.

For members, joining the STF means that they can accredit the quality of their educational provision and increase their own risk management by following current good practice on safety management. In addition to overseeing this Code of Conduct, the STF also provides a forum for members to discuss non-competitive issues of common interest and concern. Our marketing activities, lobbying, placement of regular articles in educational magazines and the development of relationships with Tourist Boards all support the interests of STF members.

The STF is much more than a simple membership organisation, all Assured Members of the STF are required to adhere to a rigorous Code of Practice and Safety Management Standards and be audited each year by Argent Health & Safety, the UK’s leading Health and Safety Consultancy specialising in Travel, to ensure continuing compliance.


Our members are supported by an elected committee and a General Manager.
The committee is responsible for the day-to-day running and operation of the affairs of the Association and for furthering the objectives of the School Travel Forum.

Gill Harvey - CEO
Tim Johnson - STF Chair
Deborah Beckett - Treasurer
Simon Wells
Pippy Trentham
Ashley Gowing
Kelly Wigley
Geraint Denison-Kurg

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