Covid and re-starting educational trips

Re-starting School & Youth Travel

Over 2 million young people benefit from an overnight educational visit every year. These experiences build confidence, enhance relationships and improve attainment. On 17 March 2020 the Department for Education (DfE) halted all overseas educational visits in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Overnight stays for schools remain banned at present, and the advice is expected to remain in force for overseas travel until the start of the new academic 2021/2022. This is preventing schools from being able to plan any school visits, regardless of departure date.

What does this mean?

It takes approximately 9-12 months for schools and youth groups to plan an overnight educational visit, it is therefore very likely that schools and their specialist accredited companies that support and help deliver these experiences safely will not have been able to send children overseas for over two years.

In its December report, The Global Travel Taskforce recognised the importance of the school educational travel sector and committed to working with the industry to establish the conditions that need to be met to support future planning for a positive restart.

What we have been doing

School Travel Forum has been working with the DfE through the School Travel Taskforce Stakeholder Group to develop a roadmap for re-starting overnight educational visits. We have presented a report to the Secretary of State, Gavin Williamson outlining how this can be done in line with Government guidance on travel for educational settings:

  • Step 1b/2 – 29 March / 12 April: day educational visits are permitted
  • Step 3 – 17 May: UK residential educational visits are permitted with specific COVID-secure measures in place
  • Step 4 – 21 June: All educational visits can take place with revised COVID-secure measures, in line with Government requirements.

We need your help to make sure that accredited travel providers can continue supporting schools

Please tweet your support to @grantshapps, @OliverDowden, you can use the following messages in your tweets

  • @transportgovuk - Global Travel Taskforce: Don’t forget children and young people when setting up travel protocols with other countries
  • @DCMS specialist school travel companies need financial support so staff can return from furlough and ensure operations are Covid & Brexit ready before schools travel.

Roadmap to Re-starting Overnight Educational Visits Submitted to Department for Education - Press Release 10th Feb 2021


  •          Covid-safe protocols developed to support safe reopening of domestic sector after Easter and international travel in the 2021/22 academic year
  •          1 million children will have missed out on an overseas educational visit since these experiences were halted
  •          £50m financial support package requested to safeguard £700m overnight educational visits sector
  •          Government-backed insurance scheme requested to enable future school bookings

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CLOtC Consortium of Associations - Statement for Government to Action

Please see below link to statement from CLOtC & Cconsortium of Associations regarding what we are asking the government to action.


CLOtC Consortium of Associations  - Statement for Government to Action

STF - LOtC - OEAP Joint Statement

Linked below is a joint statement from the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom, the Outdoor Education Advisers' Panel and the School Travel Forum regarding costs incurred through cancelled educational visits and tours. We, along with the OEAP and CLOtC, will be circulating this message via our social media channels and to partner organisations.


STF - LOtC - OEAP Joint Statement

5 steps to get the most from your next educational visit

School tours and visits have many benefits - from making learning relevant to helping students develop their confidence and independence. Our free guide will help ensure teachers and students to get the most from the experience.

School Travel Forum makes Abta membership compulsory for members

At the School Travel Forum, we are making membership of Abta a requirement for our members.

STF members range from the UK’s largest educational travel providers to smaller specialist operators, and are recognised for providing high quality experiences for student and youth travellers – whether it be a cultural, ski or sports trip.


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The School Travel Forum and its accredited members can help teachers plan safer, more enriching educational trips.

Booking school trips through members of the School Travel Forum, whether domestic or overseas, will ensure trips are organised by professionals, and according to the highest standards governing transport, accommodation and excursions so that parents can be assured of their child’s safety.

This leads to more Learning Outside the Classroom opportunities as schools and parents can be more confident that school trips are safe; leading to better educational experiences, which are vital to the development and academic achievement of students.

There is no doubt that teachers understand the value of school trips but they need more support to remove the legal and administrative barriers so that they can instead focus solely on their students’ educational needs and development outside the classroom.

By organising school trips without the help of specialist tour operators, teachers face many time consuming organisational and regulatory challenges required to safely organise educational excursions.

That’s where The School Travel Forum and its accredited educational tour operators can help. Our members work with schools and teachers to plan trips which meet the expectations of parents and enable teachers to easily achieve the high health and safety standards governing residential and overseas school trips.

All Assured Members of the STF are required to adhere to a rigorous Code of Practice and Safety Management Standards and be audited each year by Argent Health & Safety, the UK’s leading Health and Safety Consultancy specialising in Travel, to ensure continuing compliance.

Due to these high compliance standards all trips organised through our members will instantly meet local authority guidelines and provide teachers with full time support at home or abroad to resolve any unexpected booking issues or emergencies.  

Book your trip now through one of our Assured Members

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