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This forum is principally for members of the STF to share information for the common good on suppliers any member has decided not to use. NB - until further notice the forum will also contain shared information received from members and the STF on the current Covid-19/Coronavirus situation.

Please note:- All entries are strictly confidential and subject to the terms of the confidentiality agreement signed by member companies. Posts from members who do not have a valid confidentiality agreement will not be listed. Information should be factual and the member name stated together with the source of the information/document etc. (i.e.: supplementary audit + date; client feedback + date). Please avoid opinion and/or entries which could be construed as personal information about individuals.

All posts and shared information provided on the forum are subject to the STF’s overall disclaimer policy as set out below. Note particularly that any member information shared about the current Covid-19/Coronavirus situation is unverified by the STF and must therefore be separately checked directly by members between themselves or by contacting ABTA and not via the STF Support or Information help services.

STF Disclaimer Policy:-

Any information or advice provided or shared by the STF, STF members, STF staff or representatives in whatever form is intended as a guide only and should not replace advice from a lawyer or health and safety professional on any specific area. The STF cannot accept responsibility for any losses suffered as a consequence of relying on the information contained in or shared on this forum.

New posts should be emailed to the STF at

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